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1. How do I organise treatment/ visit?
2. Will I have to stay overnight?
3. What will happen when I am discharged?
4. When can I expect to get back to normal?

1. The Hong Kong Thyroid & Hernia Centre does not require a referral from your GP. You may contact us directly.If you have seen your GP and a referral has been made, please ensure that an account of your general health, details of any relevant past medical history, current treatments and medications are included.

2. We recommend that you stay overnight following your operation, as research suggests that patients can be apprehensive about undergoing a day case basis. In addition, an overnight stay ensures that you are given optimised post-operative care and correct analgesia. Our senior nursing staff will look after you and will monitor your recovery to make sure that you are well enough to travel home the next day. They will be able to alleviate any anxieties you may have following surgery. Hospitals are able also to cater for special dietary requirements. If you prefer day case surgery then this requirement will, of course, be met (as long as this is medically advisable).

3. After being discharged by the Consultant Surgeon, you will receive:

  • appropriate analgesia
  • a post-operative ‘recovery’ leaflet (as part of the information pack)
  • a follow up appointment, usually for 7-10 days
We will send you and your GP a letter detailing the operative procedure you have undergone.

4. General advice can differ following hernia repair. Although some clinics claim that you can continue as normal, within hours of surgery, we consider this an unrealistic expectation. We recommend that you should consider taking time to rest for one or even two weeks following surgery, particularly if you have a very active or strenuous lifestyle. Rules are not rigid, however. You can walk around and do whatever you feel comfortable doing, but heavy lifting (8-10 kilograms plus) or long drives, for example, are not recommended. The wound will take at least 6-8 weeks to heal fully, during which time some extra care should be taken not to over-exert yourself, or do too much. Please refer to 'Recovering from your hernia repair at UHC' under the 'Repairing your hernia' section of this site for further detailed information.
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