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Procedures Laser Circumcision VS Tradition Circumcision

  Traditional Surgery One Step Circumcision Laser Surgery
Method Use scalpel(surgical knife & scissors) Disposable Equipment CO2 Laser
Post-operative pain More pain and analgesics needed Less pain Less pain
Recovery 7-14 days 1-2 days 1-2 days
Operating time 25-30min 5-7min 10-15min
Bleeding Relatively more Nearly no bleeding Nearly no bleeding

Forceps Guided

In this method first an anaesthetic spray and local anaesthetic injection are applied to reduce the pain. The foreskin is eased out in front of the glans with surgical forceps. The required length of foreskin is then simply removed with a scalpel.

Afterwards, it is advisable to take a 7-14days off work to fully recover and allow the wound to heal.

One Step Circumcision

This procedure will be performed at the clinic under local anesthesia. Our doctor will cover the glans first and put on the disposable equipment, then just press the handle for a second, and the operation will be done.

We can stop bleeding at the same time without cutting and stitching by using this technology, and the operation only last for 5-7 minutes. Patients can leave the clinic after the operation and come back for the follow up after a week.

CO2 Laser Method

The benefits of using a CO2 laser are: faster operation, limited or no bleeding, quicker healing, minimal post-op pain, pleasant experience and most aesthetically pleasing results.

After being local anesthetic, the prepuce is pulled forward and clamped. A CO2 laser is used to cut the excess foreskin.

After the clamp is released the remaining skin cut has been sealed with the laser, without a single drop of blood.